Asean is important export market for China’s knitting industry

 This accounted for 33.08 per cent of the total export of knitted fabric from China, Lin Guangxing, vice chairman of CKIA, said while presenting a review of achievements of the… Read more

Amazon changes business structures in India to bring big seller back

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Covid-19 is challenge for supermalls as well as smaller spaces says British Land CEO

Speaking about the commercial real estate sector, the leader of one of the UK’s oldest property firms said many stores won’t reopen once the outbreak is over.   “What you will… Read more

Gift cards see sharp rise as UK consumers celebrate their birthday in isolation

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H&M-backed startup puts bacteria to work in green dyeing process

Based in the English city of Norwich, Colorifix has attracted backing from the venture capital arm of Swedish fashion giant H&M.“We’re harnessing the ability of microbes in this case to… Read more

Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic mix

The findings could explain at least in part why African-American women go through puberty earlier and suffer from higher rates of asthma and reproductive diseases than other groups.“The truly scary… Read more

Improving Swiss watch exports to help mood at Basel trade fair

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Amazon to overtake Walmart as top U.S. apparel seller in 2018

Amazon’s apparel and footwear gross sales are expected to top $30 billion this year, while Walmart’s are expected to cap off at around $20 billion. Under CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon shares… Read more

Employers in fashion get tough post-Weinstein

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